Artist Bio, without the third person:

I was born in a TV studio and grew up in film sets. Favorite childhood smell is dust burning of the back of decks on studio racks. Our home movies were shot with a Bolex, recorded with a Nagra and cut on a Moviola. From young age i was put in a heavy schedule of foreign languages instruction,...the only means available to be able to read the books that were not allowed to be translated in communist Albania. Around 5th grade i was a childhood actor, which explains the teenage years. Sought then to fight the legacy and studied letters instead, started a poetry group and a socio-political newspaper. After dropping out of college, the family reunited in the motion picture industry again with a new studio. Had many varied clients and outlets for many years, until 13 years ago, i decided to look into this Hollywood thing. I am still here in LA seeking to engage any kind of creative endeavor possible. Some of this work ...here to the right.


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2001 - Present VFX Los Angeles, CA

Film, Short, Episodic:

"F'ing Fast"
"Beautiful Creatures" - Pixomondo
“Radop Free Albemuth” - Angst Vfx
“Gosia’s Witch” - Angst VFX
“Wizards of Weaverly Place” - Disney/Engine Room/Angst VFX
“Beowulf” - Sony Pictures Imageworks
“Halloween Town” - Disney/Engine Room/Angst VFX
“Superman Returns” - Rhythm&Hues
“Narnia-The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” - Rhythm&Hues
“Fast and Furious, Tokyo Drift” - New Wave Entertainment
“Zathura” - Sony Pictures Imageworks
Doug Chiang's “Robota” - Sony Pictures Imageworks
“Polar Express” - Sony Pictures Imageworks
“GhostWalk” - KVW Studios
“Dark City” ReRelease - VSquared Labs
“Journey to the Center of the Earth” - Super 78
“Them” - Engine Room
“First Flight” - Dreamworks SKG
“Caesar” - Look FX
"Gus" - Angst Vfx
"Spade" - Angst Vfx
"Happy Download Day"

Music Videos:

Britney Spears - Criminal
Kanye West - "Monster"
Justin Bieber - "Backpack"
Ayumi Hamasaki
Taio Cruz - "Falling In Love"
Ingrid Michaelson - "Parachute"
Corinne Bailey Rae - "Closer"
Juliana Pasha - "Its All About You"
Beyonce – "Sweet Dreams"
Regina Spektor – "Laughing with God", "Eet", "Dance Anthem of the 80s", "Man of a Thousand Faces"
Anjulie – "Boom"
Danni Harrison/theNewNo2 – "Yomp"
Zach Wylde w Black Label Society
Ziggy Marley

Concert/Stage Visuals:

Justin Bieber - Angst VFX
Emma Hewitt - Angst VFX
Dirty South - Vsquared Labs
Lana Del Rey - Vsquared Labs
American Idol - Vsquared Labs
20th Century Fox CinemaCon - Angst VFX
Disney "Tron" - Angst VFX
Sony "Roadshow" - Angst VFX
Catanzaro Christams Celebration Projections - Angst VFX
Disney - World of Color - Angst VFX
Star Trek DVD release party projections - Angst VFX
Haze Club Las Vegas - VSquared Labs
Black Eyed Peas - VSquared Labs
50 Cent - VSquared Labs
Paul Oakenfold – VSquared Labs
McAfee – VSquared Labs
JC Penney Jam - VSquared Labs
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - VSquaredLabs
Bon Jovi - VSquared Labs.
Korn - VSquaredLabs


Chevrolet Impala
McDonalds Monopoly - Royale
Honda Civic - King&Country
Coca Cola Arctic Refresh - BNS
GuildWars - Pixomondo
L'Oreal - Angst VFX
Medina - Angst VFX
Ray Ban - Vitamin Pictures
Sports Package - Troika
Coca Cola Polar Bears - BNS
Cricket - BNS
Glastonbury - BNS
Maharishi - Cherry
Shwarzkopf Shampoo - Cherry
Honda CRV - BNS
Toyota - Haus
Microsoft - Haus
Cisco - Haus
ESPN - Troika Design Group
Pepsi - Brand New School
Office Max - Back To School - Brand New School
Clear Shampoo w/ Maria Sharapova - Angst VFX
Sony Bravia - Brand New School
Aflac - Brand New School
Coca Cola - Brand New School
Chrysler Jeep – Digital Kitchen
Absolut Vodka – Angst VFX
Ford – Angst VFX
Logitech – Angst VFX
McDonalds – Angst VFX
Heineken – Angst VFX
Sprint - Superfad
Kansas City Promo - Stardust
American Airlines - Superfad
Sundance Promos - Digital Kitchen
ESPN - Promo Super78
Abissnet - Angst Vfx
Supima Cotton - Sea of Cotton - Sin Factory Productions
ABC promos - Engine Room
TAB energy drink - Angst VFX
Target - Digital Kitchen
Disney Channel Rebrand - New Wave Entertainment
NBC 4 Promo - Engine Room
Cannon - Sin Factory Productions
Supima Cotton NY Fashion Week Promo - Sin Factory Productions
Coca-Cola/Full Throttle campaign - Angst VFX
Vistarama HD - Institute of Creative Technologies - Angst VFX
'Last Comic Standing' NBC - Angst VFX


Instructor Gnomon Workshop After Effects
Instructor Gnomon School of Visual Effects Master Class
Instructor Compositing Lockheed Martin
Instructor Texturing Shading Gnomon School of Visual Effects
Instructor Intro to Maya Gnomon School of Visual Effects
Instructor 'Maya Fasttrack' Gnomon School of Visual Effects
Instructor 'Introduction to Compositing' Gnomon School of Visual Effects
Instructor 'Lighting and Rendering' Gnomon School of Visual Effects

1996 - 2001 Kuke Pictures Tirana, Albania

Co-owned and art dir. pre and and post production studio.
Directed, managed, effects, audio and editing for TV. Commercials,
music video clips, documentaries, long and short form,
broadcast graphics, web. Clients include Coca Cola,
Siemens, European Broadcast Union, United Nations, World Bank etc.


familiar with slavic languages.

Education Training Workshops

Gnomon School of Visual Effects
Workshop on Set Lighting at California Institute Of Arts with Kris Malkiewicz
ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe - Bauhaus
Wilshire English Language Center
American University in Bulgaria 2 year studies in Literature, Sociology
Journalism and Intl Relations.
Linguistics High School Tirana, Albania













AmericanIdol-Reel-1 from Ergin Kuke on Vimeo.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Fox Cinemacon

Black Eyed Peas

50 Cent

Justin Bieber

Disneyland Tron

Glow Fest at Disney California Adventure from Jeff Keller on Vimeo.

elecTRONica Interactive Dance Party from David Beaudry on Vimeo.

David having fun at the Tron experience DisneyWorld.

Footage of a live concert in Tirana, Albania (Dec 8, 2011). Here we are taking the live audio feed and using the soloist's pitch (and a few harmonics) and volume to affect the projected images. MIDI control messages were used to adjust the opacity of 18 independent layers in Watchout in real-time.
This was definitely one of the highlights of this concert. Note that the flute is basically a metal pipe with holes...no keys...just ridiculous talent on behalf of the soloist to draw such a musical performance out of such a modest instrument.

Footage of a live concert in Tirana, Albania (Dec 8, 2011). Here we are taking the live audio feed and using the flutes' pitch (and a few harmonics) and volume to affect the projected imagery in real-time. MIDI control messages were used to adjust the brightness of 18 independent layers in Watchout in real-time

Short snippet of our dress rehearsal for a concert in Tirana, Albania (Dec 8, 2011). Two things going on here. First, we are doing a bit of real-time processing of the dancers' images using an infrared camera (blur, adding a bit of trail and some texture, in addition to our usual tricks for processing live IR video for tracking). Second, we are using the main dancer's movement to affect the visuals. A wireless sensor placed on his shoulder is giving us continuous data with regards to his orientation and movement. Every time he spins above a threshold he rotates the projected panoramic image, spinning the image clockwise or counterclockwise based on the direction of his spin. Images were processed & composited in Jitter and captured as a live video feed in Watchout which handled the projection.

Short snippet of the last piece for a concert in Tirana, Albania (Dec 8, 2011). Here the goal was to affect the image projected behind them every time they "stomped" on the floor. A wireless mic was attached to the stage and with a bit of filtering we were able to isolate just those "stomp" moments. A MIDI control message was then sent to Watchout (which handled the projections) to affect the zoom of the image.

Why not a manual trigger? We were too inconsistent, even those familiar with the dance. Nice example of where creative use of a microphone and some real-time show control can create a cool effect.


Sony Pictures



Paul Oakenfold -- Perefcto